FDNY Proposes New Ambulance Fees

FDNY Photo

The FDNY is looking to charge more for ambulance treatment and transport services after nearly four years of the same rates.

Basic life support services will go up from $775 to $900, and calls when a paramedic responds will increase from $1,310 to $1,525, according to a filing from the city. Prices when a defibrillator is used or intubations are performed will increase from $1,420 to $1,625.


The department also proposes a “treatment in place” charge when a patient is evaluated by telemedicine. That will cost $630 for basic life support and $1,050 for advanced life support.

That service should roll out next year, the FDNY said.

Additionally, the FDNY wants to charge $15 a mile for the trip to the hospital.

A public hearing is scheduled for November 2.

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