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The image shows a stethescope making a heart over a pride flag.

Call Me by My Name!

EMS can continuously improve to better the interaction and become culturally capable and inclusive.
Jesse Brooks, medical student, in the emergency department at Olivia, MN.

Quality of Handoffs from Emergency Medical Services to Emergency Department Providers

This study determines the perceived quality of handoffs between EMS and emergency department providers in the state of Minnesota.

ESO to Provide Services to EMS Agencies, Fire Departments and Hospitals in VA

ESO has announced it is partnering with the Virginia EMS System to create a broad prehospital to hospital to post-hospital data ecosystem.
Chambers County EMS Leads Texas By Successfully Submitting COVID-19 Vaccination Data to Texas Immunization Registry (ImmTrac2)

Chambers County (TX) EMS Successfully Submits COVID-19 Vaccination Data to Texas Immunization Registry

Chambers County EMS in Texas is proud to announce that it has successfully completed an upload of public health COVID-19 vaccination data to the Texas ImmTrac2 immunization registry.

Eight Years Ago, Federal Government Experts Noted that Vaccine Tracking Systems Couldn’t Share Information

Our vaccine delivery machinery is groaning as jurisdictions rely on white pieces of cardstock that just beg to be lost, writes Jonathon S. Feit.
The EMS Handoff

The EMS Handoff: Document Like a Pro

Jason Haag joins the EMS Handoff crew to discuss the ins and outs of documentation from the eagle eye’s perspective to the nitty-gritty.
Tape Measure

Height Measurement in the Prehospital Setting

Starting to measure height and routinely gathering this data may make a material impact on the quality of care delivered in the prehospital setting.

FDNY Proposes New Ambulance Fees

The FDNY is looking to charge more for ambulance treatment and transport services after nearly four years of the same rates.

EMS Lawline: Three Documentation Best Practices to Reduce Risk and Lower the Patient’s Financial...

The bottom line is that accurate, complete and timely completion of PCRs is a legal and ethical responsibility of the EMS practitioner, writes Steve Wirth.

COVID-19 Resource Reporting Tool

The NHTSA Office of EMS has designed a reporting tool to provide you with a consistent and immediate way to report personnel shortages, and PPE needs or "stress" your agency is experiencing due to the COVID outbreak and the impending Influenza season.