Firefighter-EMT Turns Living Room into Makeshift Triage Center after Tornado

Darrell Jennings, center, is credited with saving the lives of several of his neighbors after a deadly tornado. (Photo/St. Sen. Paul Bailey)

PUTNAM COUNY, TN — A firefighter-EMT from Tennessee is credited with saving the lives of several people after a deadly tornado ripped through his town earlier this month.

Darrell Jennings was honored to Tennessee lawmakers recently after he set up a makeshift triage center in his living room.

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“As soon as I saw the destruction, I had my fire department radio, I called in… and said, ‘I need you to send me everything we have. Everything around me is destroyed,'” he told ABC News.

Jennings said he treated at least 20 hurt neighbors, where he checked for pulses and breathing and gave sternal rubs. Several of the injured included children.

Jennings’ wife and three children also helped their neighbors.

State Senator Paul Bailey said Jennings’ story shows the importance of being trained in CPR and first aid.

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