Listen to Audio Recordings from Va. Beach Military Jet Crash Incident

Initial911CallRedactedJEMSAUDIO.mp3: A caller reports that a Virginia Beach dispatcher that a U.S. Navy plane went down, hit and destroyed an apartment complex and that the pilot exited the plane before it went down.

20120406-ecc-911-intial dispatch snipet.mp3: Virginia Beach Dispatcher calmly announces the first resource assignments for the incident.

Initial Minutes of VBPD 2nd Pct 20120406-ECC-911 RADIO TRAFFIC SNIPITS.mp3: Virginia Beach 2nd Pct and Special Operations officers were first on scene and began evacuating apartments and eventually found both pilots.

20120406-ECC-911-ADDITIONAL VOLUNTEERS NEEDED SNIPET.mp3: With the jet crash incident escalating, a call-out for additional volunteer staffing was made. Within the first 90 minutes, VBEMS Volunteer staffing increased to 170 members and over 30 units. No EMS call required mutual aid because of the great response from the VBEMS volunteers.

20120406-ECC-911-road closed snipet.mp3: With traffic congestion quickly becoming an increasing problem, EMS requests road closure and EMS Brigade Chief vehicle used to block road.

20120406-ECC-911-ENTER FROM LASKIN SNIPET.mp3: As more and more units were inbound to the crash site in personal or emergency vehicles a repeat announcement was put out regarding approaching the scene.

20120406-ECC-911-tach channel change snipet.mp3: The rapidly expanding incident required multiple tach channels to be established. EMS Medical Branch tach channel was changed several times. This has led EMS to revise tach channel use for future major incidents such as this.

20120406-ECC-911-IM HERE WITH YOU SNIPET.mp3: The incident was growing rapidly and demands upon scene supervisors were increasing. When a request from EMS was made to dedicate a dispatcher to the tach channel, the 4-word reply from the dispatcher was excellent.


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