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The Contra Costa County (CA) Fire Protection District is working with Tele911 to help make the system more efficient.

New Innovation to Address System Overload by Systemizing the Field Triage and Treatment of...

Tele911 allows departments to better serve patients through technology while keeping highly trained paramedics available for critical calls.

Mental Health Calls Spike in the Pandemic in AL, Experts Say

Officials with the Mental Health Center of North Central Alabama in Decatur said they are fielding more calls dealing with isolation

New St. Louis (MO) Program to Divert Mental Health Calls Away from 911

If all goes according to plan, thousands of 911 calls beginning this month will not reach St. Louis police or fire personnel.
In this Dec. 29, 2020 file photo, debris remains on the sidewalk in front of buildings damaged in a Christmas Day explosion in Nashville, Tenn. The Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville led to communications outages over hundreds of miles in the southern U.S., raising concerns about the vulnerability of U.S. networks. Widespread service outages followed the explosion, which damaged a major AT&T network hub, extended hundreds of miles to at least four neighboring states, disrupting 911 call centers, hospitals and flights out of the Nashville airport.

Nashville (TN) Bombing Spotlights Vulnerable Voice, Data Networks

The Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville led to phone and data service outages and disruptions over hundreds of miles in the southern U.S., raising new concerns about the vulnerability of U.S. communications.

NY Dispatcher Coaches Couple as Baby is Born in Parking Lot

Dispatcher Jennifer Mazgajewski would help the couple make it through the next eight harrowing minutes — an exchange captured on an audio recording of the 911 call and shared Wednesday by the Cheektowaga Police Department.

911 Call: Sarasota (FL) Shark Bite Victim was ‘Bleeding to Death’

The dispatcher explained to the caller and another person present how to stop the bleeding until paramedics arrived.

Whatcom County (WA) Seeks Better, Cheaper Answer to 911 Call Centers

Some local leaders are convinced that consolidation would create a better system that operates for less money.
Kansas City Fire Department

Kansas City (MO) Fire Dispatchers Cope with COVID Outbreak, Limited Protections

Kansas City Fire Department dispatchers, grappling with a COVID-19 outbreak in their center's tight quarters, say the department has fallen short in efforts to protect them.

Optimal Level of Training for Emergency Call Takers: Ensuring the Best Outcome in Cardiac...

This study indicates that more fundamental training targeted toward specific protocol performance may increase the provision of dispatcher-assisted CPR.

Chicago (IL) Considers Changes to Emergency Mental-Health Response

There are calls for a plan to remove police from non-life-threatening mental health calls by creating a dedicated emergency line that would dispatch a paramedic and a clinician instead.