ALS or BLS? Take the JEMS Survey

Restrictive reimbursement rules and shrinking budgets are driving many EMS agencies to make tough choices that affect patient care, and JEMS is interested in how protocols are evolving. 

Many EMS managers can recall a time when dispatch meant that life-saving services were needed unless they were specifically told otherwise. Today, more and more calls that once would have been precautionary ALS treatment and transport are now getting released to BLS response. Is this the case in your agency?

We’ve put together a short survey to get a clearer picture of how this trend impacts our readers. Please read the four short case studies and let us know how your agency’s protocols would dictate response–ALS or BLS?

The results will be revealed and analyzed in an upcoming issue of JEMS, with insight as to how EMS managers can successfully navigate this tricky gray area of treatment requirements.

Take the Survey Now!

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