MI Woman Wrongly Declared Dead by Paramedics This Summer Has Died

In this undated family photo provided by Erica Lattimore through Fieger Law shows her daughter, Timesha Beauchamp with her brother Steven Thompson in Southfield, Mich. An attorney for the family of a young woman found breathing at a Detroit funeral home after being declared dead says the 20-year-old was in a body bag for some two hours before it was opened and she was discovered to be alive. (Courtesy Erica Lattimore through Fieger Law via AP)

A woman who was wrongly declared dead by Southfield (MI) EMS this summer and later found alive in a funeral home has died, her family’s attorney said.

Timesha Beauchamp died Sunday at Children’s Hospital, said attorney Geoffrey Fieger. Fieger said Timesha died as a result of massive brain damage she suffered when the paramedics failed to provide her oxygen, FOX 29 reports.


The family tried alerting the crew several times they believed she was still alive. Despite this, she was declared dead. A funeral home discovered Timesha was alive when she gasped while her body was being prepared for embalming.

The family has filed a $50 million lawsuit against the department.

The licenses of those involved in the call were suspended. The two paramedics and two EMTs have sued to keep their licenses.