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Crozer Health (PA) Paramedics Seriously Hurt in Crash Expected to Recover

The photo shows the front grill of an ambulance.
File photo

Two Crozer Health (PA) paramedics are expected to survive after a colliding with a school bus Wednesday. One of the paramedics had to be extracted from the ambulance.

The crash happened on I-95 when Pennsylvania State Police say the ambulance smashed into the back of the school bus as the school bus was waiting to merge onto the highway. There were no students on board the school bus.


Delaware County Emergency Services Director Timothy Boyce said Wednesday night one of the paramedics was out of surgery.

“Both are expected to recover but it just shows the commitment of our first responders and how at a moment’s notice they could be critically injured trying to serve others,” he said, according to the Delaware County Times. “We have resources down there supporting them. As always, in Delaware County, a number of agencies have turned out to support them and wish them well. We do expect both of them to survive their injuries; however … they still remain quite critical.”

Pennsylvania State Police identified those in the ambulance as Joshua Boylan, 36, and Nicholas Scull, 39.

State Police said four people were injured in the accident, including the ambulance passenger. A Delaware County Memorial Hospital nurse was also in the ambulance.