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Medical Experts Describe OK’s COVID-19 Alert System as ‘Flawed’

According to a report from KTUL, health experts in Oklahoma are calling the map the state uses to color code counties in Oklahoma deeply “flawed.”

One look at he White House’s COVID map vs. the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s map shows why.

The most recent White House Coronavirus Task Force map shows 24 Oklahoma counties in the “red” zone, which means bars should be closed and other precautions need to be taken. However, the Oklahoma map doesn’t indicate this.

Dr. George Monks of the Oklahoma State Medical Association said he is aware that the map can confuse people, but there is one way to explain the difference between the two maps in a way that makes more sense to Oklahomans.

According to Monks, the COVID alert system map in Oklahoma is similar to a tornado alert system.

So, why is there such a large difference between the two?

Oklahoma State Representative, John Waldron, said one side sees the science first, while the other side sees the economy first. He continued by saying the state of Oklahoma has dropped the ball on stopping the spread of COVID.

He also said that Oklahoma must update how it color codes its alert map so people can truly understand the situation.

Monks stated that most medical professionals no longer take the Oklahoma Health Department’s map into consideration because it’s almost impossible for a county to go from orange to red.

He also called the State Health Department map a “work in progress”; right now, it needs work.