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Coffee County (TN) EMS Keeps Vehicles Safe for Patients and Personnel

According to a report from Tullahoma News, Coffee County (TN) Emergency Medical Services (CCEMS) responders are taking new measures to protect their community and themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic, which has affected all aspects of life, has caused the medical field to adapt and prepare for new challenges.

Now, with the pandemic on its eighth month, EMS around the country continue to transport patients who could potentially test positive for COVID-19.

EMS personnel must take extra precautions to keep their ambulances safe from the virus, says CCEMS Director Michael Bonner. Other EMS officials have also worked to ensure the crew has enough supplies to handle these emergencies.

Bonner says that all employees are required to wear N-95 masks on every call and every patient contact because there’s just no way of knowing who has the virus. He also said that if personnel suspect the patient is positive or shows symptoms, employees must also wear a gown, a full face shield, and gloves.

EMS employees now wear masks when they respond to calls. After the paramedics transport the patient, they disinfect the vehicle.