TX Volunteer Firefighters Resign After City Administration’s Decision on Medical, Other Calls

According to a report from 12News, the nine men and women who comprise the Pinehurst (TX) Volunteer Fire Department (PVFD) decided to resign after frustrations with the city’s administration came to a head. The entire PVFD staff arrived at the station Monday evening to drop off their gear for the final time.

This result dates back to weeks of conflict between firefighters and Pinehurst city administration. The situation began in June when the new city manager took office.

Acadian has been responding in their place.

The PVFD began a contract with a new dispatch service in Bridge City on July 1. That contract costs $14,100 per year (averaging $25 per call over a three-year period).  Their previous contract costs $13,000.

The city manager, Jerry Hood, believes cutting the number of calls will lower the cost, but PVFD Chief Shon Branham disagreed. ($14,100 is the contract price, no matter the number of calls.) 

During a June meeting between Branham, Hood, and others, the city administration eliminated certain calls deemed “unnecessary” for the PVFD to respond to. So, since June 16, the PVFD has not been responding to calls involving assaults, breathing problems, chest pain, child birth, choking, diabetic emergencies, falls, overdose, seizures, stroke, traumatic injury, person down or unconscious.