Ambulance Stuffed Full of Food for Food Bank

Crestline Coach Ltd. joined forces with Medavie Health Services West, an EMS service in Canada, to collect non-perishable food to stuff an ambulance full of food in support of the local food bank.

In honor of Paramedic Services Week, the employees of Crestline and Medavie Health West formed a partnership giving back to its local community through an employee-driven food collection. Throughout May, both organizations collected food and cash donations from employees.

Medavie Health Services West and Crestline Stuffed an Ambulance full of the non-perishable food items on Tuesday and delivered the goods to the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre to aid those in desperate need.

“We consider ourselves very fortunate on a number of fronts. As an ambulance manufacturer, Crestline was granted critical service provider status in Saskatchewan which allowed us to continue the production of ambulances and deliver the much-needed vehicles to front line emergency services and hospital organizations across North America,” shared Steve Hoffrogge, President of Canada, Demers – Braun – Crestline.

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Employees at both organizations had expressed a desire to make a difference in the community, and it didn’t take long to develop a charitable partnership between Crestline and Medavie Health Services West (formally M.D. Ambulances Services), who is a long-standing customer of Crestline.

“This week happens to be Paramedic Services Week across Canada, and typically it’s a time where communities recognize the work EMS services provide. Coming into this week, we were already humbled by the incredible support from local businesses and positive outreach from our community. It inspired us to do more, and what better of an opportunity than to collaborate with our local ambulance manufacturer Crestline. Together we quickly realized the best place to make an immediate impact was with our local food bank,” said Troy Davies, Director of Public Affairs, Medavie Health Services West.

Due to COVID-19, the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre was unable to proceed with its annual City Wide Food Drive. Instead, they kicked off a month-long virtual campaign encouraging community participation through their Community Click & Pic-nic initiative.

Executive Director of the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre, Laurie O’Connor shared that “the need to maintain food donations over the next several months, when students are out of school is more critical than ever. We typically notice a decrease in food donations over the summer months, so we are so grateful for this wonderful partnership between Crestline and Medavie Health Services West, who are collecting food donations for our community.”