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University of NE Medical Center Joins with COVAXX for Antibody Testing

The University of Nebraska Medical Center announced a partership with New York-based COVAXX to begin large-scale antibody testing, according to a story from 1011Now.

In the past, COVAXX has been successful in finding medications for many illnesses. However, finding the role that antibodies have played in respiratory illnesses has proven more difficult.

Conducting large-scale testing also means getting closer to getting “back to normal.” For some companies, such as those with more than 100 employees, to resume doing business, they must conduct medical screenings. For most, this means mass virus and antibody testing.

Omaha, Nebraska, first responders were the first to participate in large-scale testing. Health care workers, military, and agricultural enterprises are due to be tested next.

The first results from this large-scale test will be available in as few as 10 days, with more results coming in the weeks that follow.


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