Maryland State Police Aviation Command: 50 Years

A salute to the state’s medevac service

(yellowthunder92, YouTube)

yellowthunder92 – For over 50 years the Maryland State Police Aviation command has been providing MEDEVAC and emergency services to the citizens of Maryland. This video montage is a tribute to the amazing men and women who serve in the Maryland State Police Aviation Command and first responders that watch over us every day. They are our modern day guardian angels.

This video project would not have been possible without the express permission of the Maryland State Police and the University of Maryland Medical Center as well as the help, direct support, and encouragement of my friends, colleagues, and family. I want to personally thank everyone that made this video possible, without you this would have only been a forgotten conversation.

The music in this video is a Hans Zimmer piece called “Lost but Won”. I don’t have the Master rights to this video but Watertower music said I shouldn’t have a problem using this song if I don’t monetize this video.

Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoy this video.