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Essential Item Stolen from United EMS Ambulance

(Photo/A.J. Heightman)

These are trying and challenging times for everyone throughout the United States, but EMS personnel have an even more challenging job to treat everyone and be suspicious of everyone for the coronavirus while protecting themselves.

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Proper PPE is in short supply in many areas so dispatchers play a vital role in alerting crews to patients that meet the profile for full PPE so that we don’t needlessly use PPE supplies. 

In addition, as this article points out, the public will be wise to the fact that EMS vehicles are a literal stockpile of supplies that they might be able to pilfer to use in their daily lives. 

Therefore, it is extremely important that crews secure their vehicles and lock their doors when they’re in a patient’s home or the emergency department. 

These are not normal times so they dictate that we do things that are outside the norm. Think outside the Box and protect yourself in your equipment.