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Report: Chicago Fire Commissioner Clamps Down on Ambulance Dispatch

A new report looks into Chicago’s dispatching practices. (Photo/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

CHICAGO – Chicago’s fire commissioner is reportedly telling dispatchers not to admit there are no ambulances available when the city is swamped with medical emergencies.

“The process of indicating that CFD is out of available ambulances or asking for any available ambulances over the radio will no longer be allowed,” Fire Commissioner Richard Ford wrote in an email obtained by CBS 2 Chicago.

Paramedic Field Chief Patrick Fitzmaurice, a longtime critic of the city’s ambulance service, called the email a coverup.

A Chicago Fire Department spokesperson denied there is a cover up with ambulance shortages. The spokesman told the station the email was sent after a review determined there were ambulances available.

Several people have reportedly died recently as a result of the city not having enough ambulances on the streets. Mayor Lori Lightfoot previously said more units would be coming online soon.