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FDNY EMS Union Calls for More Pay

FDNY photo

NEW YORK – New York City’s EMTs and paramedics called for fair pay among all first responders at a City Council hearing on Tuesday. The uncle of late EMS member Yadira Arroyo also testified.

“She loved her job but she, like her colleagues, was not given the pay, the resources or the support she deserved,” said A.J. Hernandez, Arroyo’s uncle. Hernandez, according to the New York Daily News, said his niece often worked double shifts and was working one when she was hit and killed by her stolen ambulance in March 2017.

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FDNY EMS salaries start around $35,000 and goes to $50,000 over five years. A firefighter starts off at $45,000 and more than doubles over five years. In September, the EMS union filed a lawsuit against the city over the pay disparity.

Michael Greco, vice president of the EMS Local 2507 union, said the low pay is contributing to high attrition and the city is underreporting the rate.

FDNY Chief of EMS Lillian Bonsignore acknowledged attrition issues but wouldn’t make any promises on pay parity, according to the report.