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Morristown Ambulance Squad in N.J. Shuts Down After 58 Years

MORRISTOWN, N.J. – After nearly 60 years of operations, a volunteer ambulance squad has packed it in after dwindling membership.

The Morristown Ambulance Squad ended operations on New Year’s Eve, a stroke before midnight, the group said on Facebook.

“Many factors have played into this decision and it was not made rashly. With volunteerism at an all-time low and redevelopment in our town moving us out of our home, we find ourselves unable to meet the demands of the town,” the group said.

Squad President Karen Johansen told the Morristown Green there were only eight active members.

Morristown Department of Public Safety released its own statement on its closure.

“For many in our community, this change may not appear significant. We are fortunate to have fantastic emergency medical care and an ambulance will arrive when needed,” the post reads.

“For many more of us however, this signifies the end of an era. The increasing demands of a growing, dynamic urban center seem to have outpaced the ability of volunteers to provide those services and so sadly, the organization reached this point.”