EMS Today

EMS Today: Leadership Enhancement and Development Program

Matthew Streger Esq., MPA, NRP

To assist organizations in preparing employees for responsibility as supervisors and managers, Keavney and Streger, in cooperation with industry leaders, has developed the Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Program. This program is designed to give new and experienced leaders real-world tools for facing workplace issues, resolving conflicts, managing circumstances, and being successful.

Monday, March 02, 2020: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Room: 15

JEMS asked Matthew Streger Esq., MPA, NRP, a partner at Keavney & Streger, LLC, some questions ahead of their session.

JEMS: Why are you speaking about leadership at EMS Today?

Matthew: We have found that there is not a great deal of leadership development for EMS supervisors and managers, especially that focuses on real-world tools. Our training provides a good entry-level baseline for new EMS leaders, and provides a good refresher for experienced leaders. For organizations, this helps improve employee retention, liability avoidance, and organizational efficiency.

JEMS: What experiences do you have in EMS leadership?

Matthew: Our team of instructors has extensive experience in organizational leadership in addition to legal, clinical, operational, nursing, compliance, and government relations work. Each of our team members is an expert in their specific area of Just Culture, Human Resources, Leadership Communications, and Employee Engagement.

JEMS: What do you hope the audience gets out of your presentation?

Matthew: We provide high-level theory to the participants, but we also provide tools that each student can take home and use immediately after completing this program. Theory is important, but we want our participants to be able to return to their departments and be able to immediately utilize the lessons from this program in their daily practice.

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