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New National 911 Progress Report Reveals Latest State 911 Data

The 2019 National 911 Progress Report is now available. Photo/National Traffic Safety Administration

Each year, states and territories voluntarily share information about their 911 systems – such as progress toward implementing NG911, Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) protocols and text-to-911 – to a database managed by the National 911 Program. The database maintains the most comprehensive and current state 911 data available.

The National 911 Program announces the availability of the 2019 National 911 Progress Report, which shares detailed findings and analysis of data from the 2018 calendar year. The Report is an important tool in improving local, state and regional emergency communications systems. It provides segmented information that state 911 leaders, legislators and policy makers need to make informed decisions about 911 services in their jurisdictions. A few interesting findings from the report include:

  • Thirty-one states reported adopting strategic plans for NG911, an increase from 20 states since 2015
  • Thirty-three states reported having PSAPs with EMD protocols, and 16 of those have Quality Assurance requirements for compliance
  • Thirty-one states reported having minimum training requirements
  • Fourteen states reported that 100% of their 911 systems are processing and interpreting location and caller information using NG infrastructure