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FDNY Firefighter Awarded Brown Emergency Medicine’s EMS Pride Award

FDNY Firefighter Mitchel Augustyn, center, saved the life of a choking man while on vacation in Rhode Island this summer. (FDNY photo)

FDNY Firefighter Mitchel Augustyn, Haz-Mat 1, was presented today with Brown Emergency Medicine’s EMS Pride Award.

While on vacation in Rhode Island this summer, Augustyn was out to dinner when he heard a commotion in the restaurant, the FDNY said in a Facebook post.


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When he turned around, he saw that an individual was choking. Augustyn immediately began the Heimlich Maneuver, followed by CPR. During that time, a number of civilians offered their assistance until the Newport Fire Department arrived on scene and took over patient care.

“I was contacted after the incident and told that the individual survived. This is my first save and it is truly a humbling experience,” Augustyn said. “This job trains you to always have awareness and that we are never truly off the clock. When I saw the individual needed help, my training kicked in, and I got to work. Bystander CPR is something everyone should know. You never want to feel helpless in that kind of situation. It saves lives, and I’m glad I was there to lend a helping hand.”

The award was presented by Joseph Lauro, Newport Fire Department’s Medical Director.