Wisconsin Paramedic Sentenced for Sexually Assaulting Patient

Clifford J. Heiser was sentenced yesterday for sexually abusing a patient in the back of an ambulance back in 2017. (Photo Wausau Fire Department Facebook)

WAUSAU, Wis. – A former paramedic who admitted to sexually assaulting a woman in the back of an ambulance will spend one year in jail, according to a report.

Clifford J. Heiser violated the community’s trust, said Marathon County Circuit Judge Gregory Huber before sentencing Heiser.

The 35 year old faced nearly nine years in prison, according to the Wausau Daily Herald. According to the report:

Huber sentenced Heiser to four years of probation, with one year to be served in jail with work release. The judge also stayed a three-year prison sentence, meaning if Heiser complies with his probation, he will not go to prison. Heiser must also register as a sex offender for 15 years and pay restitution for the victim’s counseling services.

Heiser reportedly denied assaulting the woman back in 2017 and only took the plea deal because he was running out of money to pay for his attorney.

The victim asked the judge to sentence Heiser to the maximum.

“For 805 days, this man has been free to continue to live his life while I have been forced to live with the memories of the day this man sexually assaulted me, forcing me to be his victim,” the victim said at the sentencing .”Those memories torment me both mentally and emotionally every single day.

“I don’t believe I will ever truly feel safe in a world where I cannot trust the men and women who have sworn to serve and protect us,” the woman added.