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Pennsylvania Ambulance Company Files Criminal Charges to Recoup Money

ADAMSBURG, Pa. – A small ambulance company in Western Pennsylvania is taking a unique approach to collecting money: filing criminal charges against those who don’t pay the bill.

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WPXI-TV reports that’s happening at Rescue 14 EMS. Don Thoma, the company’s operations manager, says thousands of dollars has been collected so far and it is legal.

He said they also go after patients who get insurance checks but don’t turn that money over to Rescue 14. The ambulance company sends out three letters before filing criminal charges.

“Every year about this time, she would call two or three times, collect her $400, and buy Christmas presents,” Thoma told the station. “We know they’re abusing the system. We know they’re using the money, in some cases. We know they’re not being truthful about why they’re calling an ambulance.”

Watch the report below.