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Drones Powered by Jet Engines May Soon be on the Horizon

Photos by A.J. Heightman

I recently attended the International UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas where over 200 exhibitors showed off the latest in small, compact drones. 

However, several manufacturers, including Boeing, were there with drones that weighed up to 500 pounds that had a longer range and carrying capacity. 

Pay attention to these articles because JEMS will continue to the on top of this evolving technology.

The start up company in this article is going to utilize a small watermelon-size microturbine jet engine to power a 500 pound drone with wings that can carry 500 to 1,000 pounds over a longer distance at a faster speed — and for a much longer time — since it will be jet powered by a microturbine. 

This simply goes to show that this industry is rapidly exploding and the future is up to the imagination with respect to how we utilize a UAV. It is now conceivable that these proposed drones powered by small jet engines could be used to deliver supplies and medical support equipment anywhere in the field by an unmanned operator.