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New York Post: Mayor de Blasio Not Doing Enough to Protect EMTs

The New York Post is taking a dig at New York Mayor Bill de Blasio as assaults on EMTs are “soaring,” the newspaper reported.

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In an online editorial, the newspaper blasted the onetime presidential candidate as attacks from emotionally disturbed persons is on the rise.

According to the newspaper:

“… Mayor Bill de Blasio’s big response to the mental-health crisis was a two-page press release last month ordering an end to the use of ‘EDP’ and handing ThriveNYC $37 million to start training social workers to take the lead on mental-health emergencies.”

“Get real, says Vincent Variale, the head of the EMTs’ union: ‘When you have an EDP situation, EMS and police are going to respond. They have to.’”

Last week, the FDNY took to social media reminding the public it’s illegal to assault emergency medical personnel.

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This comes after several EMTS were attacked on the job recently. In one instance, EMT Nicholas Cody was brutally attacked by a handcuffed suspect in the back of an ambulance last month.