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Creator of ‘Dark’ EMS Facebook Pages Fired by Hospital

The above screenshot is one of the Facebook pages drawing controversy.

ATLANTA – Disturbing content on several EMS-related Facebook pages are cause for concern, 11 Alive television in Georgia reports.

The pages are called “EMS Dark Humor,” “EMS Sick Sense of Humor,” “Fire and EMS Uncensored” and “Not Your Mom’s EMS.”

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In at least one instance, Atlanta’s Grady Hospital said the page’s creator posted confidential patient health information.

Many of the posts reportedly contain vulgar and disturbing images.

“Videos of people committing suicide, you could see bodies dropping from buildings, literally slamming into the ground, Like no censors or anything. Nothing blurred out,” one paramedic told the station. “And then, you know, as you read on to the comments, you see people with memes of people holding up 10s, things like that. I guess, judging the quality of the fall. And then, lots of people liking and laughing at the post.”

Grady Hospital told the station the person behind the Facebook pages has been fired after being disciplined twice in the past five months for posting about patients on social media.

Watch the full report below.