Airway & Respiratory, Cardiac & Resuscitation, Patient Care, Training Webinar: The Future of Evidence-Based Guidelines in EMS

Hosted by NHTSA’s Office of EMS on Tuesday, November 19 at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT

Earlier this year, several EMS organizations collaborated to publish evidence-based guidelines (EBG) for the EMS administration of naloxone, adding to the growing number of EBGs available to help EMS clinicians provide care based on the latest research and best practices endorsed by experts in the field. In recent years, EBGs for external hemorrhage control, prehospital pediatric seizure management and other topics have helped move the profession toward the evidence-based, people-centered approach described in the EMS Agenda 2050. 

In this EMS Focus webinar, you’ll hear from leaders involved in the efforts to create prehospital EBGs and model protocols. 

In addition, panelists will share:

  • How the naloxone EBG was developed, including what research was considered and why
  • Suggestions for how to incorporate the naloxone EBG and others into protocols and practice at the state and local levels
  • What moving toward an evidence-based practice means for the EMS profession – and what you can do to support that effort 

Panelists Include:

Christian Martin-Gill, MD, MPH, Chair, Prehospital Guidelines Consortium
David Niebuhr, MD, MPH, MSc, Medical Officer, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 
Kenneth Williams, MD, Medical Director, Rhode Island Center for EMS
Max Sevareid, MPH, EMS Specialist, NHTSA Office of EMS Attendees will be encouraged to submit questions during any point of the discussion. The webinar and Q&A will last approximately one hour. Sign up to get email updates about this webinar series, new projects and more.