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A.J. Heightman Praises AAA Conference Leadership Session by Becknell and Reinert

This Leadership Session – offered at the American Ambulance Association Conference at the Opryland Hotel – should be offered at every EMS Conference in the Nation.

The information that John Becknell, PhD and Aarron Reinert presented was invaluable in helping leaders learn where they are falling short and how they could improve their leadership skills.

It was presented in a great way by great, experienced speakers!

This is another great leadership session offered by John Becknell, PhD, and Aarron Reinert on leadership tips.

Understanding Where Your Employees are in the “BLUE CANOE”

John Becknel, PhD, at his AAA Conference Leadership Session, explained how to engage your workforce. He showed that, if you engage your people, science shows you will be more successful than if all you did was focus on just clinical excellence. Made perfect sense.