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Woman Thanks Oklahoma Paramedic Who Saved Her Life

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. – They live on opposite sides of the country, but nothing was going to stop this reunion.

Mercy EMS paramedic Jeremy Fern and Paula Turner met up over the weekend so Turner could say thank you for saving her life.

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News 9 TV reports the two were on the same diving trip in Mexico back in May when Turner lost consciousness and stopped breathing after reaching the surface.

Fern was in another boat when he heard the screams but immediately jumped into action. He gave Turner CPR for over 30 minutes and then used equipment on the boat make sure she regained consciousness.

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“It’s just muscle memory at that point, I did what we are trained to do,” said Fern.

“All the stars were aligned for me to be a survivor, words can’t describe it,” Turner said. “I am just so happy I got to come here and thank him in person.”

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