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No Charges Filed Against L.A. County EMT Accused of Assaulting Patient

Above screenshot from Fox 11 shows EMT Roryce Dirden sharing his story after he was arrested by the LAPD but never charged in connection to a patient‘s alleged assault.

LOS ANGELES – An L.A. County EMT is speaking out after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a patient in the back of an ambulance, according to a report.

Roryce Dirden was arrested on Aug. 22 but charges were never filed, FOX 11 reports.

Dirden, an EMT with McCormick Ambulance, was in the back of the rig with an LAPD Sergeant and a female patient who was reportedly having a seizure and had possibly been the victim of sexual assault.

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Dirden said he tightened her safety belt but she somehow managed to unstrap herself. That’s when he said he pulled the woman back onto the gurney.

The police officer saw it differently and accused Dirden of assault. After a few hours in custody, police reviewed the officer’s body camera footage and released Dirden.

The LAPD told FOX 11 it does not comment on personnel matters.

Dirden is now sharing his story and hopes relations improve between EMTs and law enforcement.

Watch the report below.