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Software Technology Company, nSightify, Releases EMS Product Designed to Solve Some of the Industry’s Biggest Challenges

While there has been a lot of discussion and emphasis on clinical measures and operational metrics in EMS, historically, we have begun to see a shift towards and an increased focus upon the human aspects of what Emergency Medical Services and other sectors of the healthcare industry provide.

Recent conversations and metrics across the healthcare continuum involve more subjective reporting measures such as patient experience, customer satisfaction, and field employees’ mental and emotional health. While all of these metrics are vital to the service EMS provides, they pose a unique and difficult challenge to those tasked with measuring and managing their outcomes.

Austin-based start-up, nSightify, now offers a flagship EMS mobile application named nSights, which aims to connect those dots through timely and effective communication, data input, and analytics tools.

John Dadey, CEO of nSightify, explains: “I have had the good fortune of being able to launch several successful companies in the EMS space which were oriented towards administrators.” Today he says: “ I feel a need to give back and create tools that will have a direct impact on the providers.”

Photo Credit: nSightify Administrator
Snapshot of nSight App: Customized Key Results Screen (not pictured: Feedback, Leaderboard, Profile, Home)

The application utilizes peer-to-peer connections, leadership engagement, and reporting functions to facilitate praise, gratitude, and encouragement-driven recognition. Dadey goes on to explain, “Our structured feedback form guides users to keep feedback positive and to suggest specific, actionable areas for provider improvements.”

Through prompting structured and meaningful feedback on distinct skills, nSights provides real-time performance data, and ensures feedback is tied to specific and pre-determined performance components. These contribute to improving safety records, performance and work efforts, improving retention rates, and creating stronger teams.

“Once the key metrics are configured, they are uploaded to your team’s mobile nSightify app so they can begin to track progress immediately. This provides the team members the ability to manage what matters most,” Dadey explains.

The Nsightify vision is to better the overall health of an organization through employee engagement and satisfaction, that will result in an optimized team who are able to effectively integrate, innovate, and inspire others.

About nSightify: nSightify is a privately-held technology company, founded out of Austin, Texas in 2018, and led by EMS industry leader, John Dadey. The flagship application platform, nSights, is designed based on behavioral science and practices that drive communication, increase engagement, and inspire leadership. nSightify is currently looking to partner with forward-thinking leaders who are interested in investing in the long-term success of EMS and its people. For more information, visit, or contact our team directly.