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Paramedics Sounding the Alarm About Stolen Street Signs in Alabama

A pile of stolen street signs found recently in the community of Kansas, Alabama.

Screenshot from ABC 33/40

JASPER, Ala. – Stolen street signs are reportedly causing concern for paramedics in Walker County, who say the missing signs can mean the difference of life and death.

“We actually had a call last week in one of our local communities,” Regional Paramedical Services Operations Manager Kayla Thomas told ABC 33/40. “Delayed our response time by about five to seven minutes in getting to a very important call due to being unable to locate the address.”

Stealing street signs has long been a prank of teenagers or anyone looking to hang one in their garage. But it’s no laughing matter: Anyone caught with a stolen street sign runs the risk of jail time.

The report from ABC 33/40 said the county has been trying to raise awareness for the past several weeks after 20 street signs were found in a house in Kansas, a community northwest of Birmingham.

“It’s very unnerving. You know that someone is there needing help. They called for a reason and you can’t get there,” Thomas told the station.