The significance of this video clip in the use of a drone by FD and why is not just the overhead surveillance of a fire scene but the use of thermal imaging to identify the hot spots in the fire platform.

You will see that at about the 10 second mark. 

Drones will continue to play a key part in public safety as I and many others predicted five years ago. 

They are already being used to dispatch (non-piloted) AEDs in the Reno area – that arrive on rural areas 10-15 minutes before responders and are being used to do pre-surveillance response by police agencies in San Diego.

The police drones (in the City of Chula Vista) are launched from the roof of a police facility and arrive overhead at an incident minutes before the police do and can see what’s going on at the scene (“Eyes in the Sky)! 

The use of drones will be expanded greatly as thoughts in the minds of innovators expand.


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