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Pennsylvania Ambulance Signs Remind Patients It’s Not OK to Assault Medics


One EMS company in Pennsylvania is hoping signs it installs inside ambulances will have the salutatory effect of reducing assaults against first responders.

According to a report from WGAL 8, a sign hangs in every ambulance at Cumberland Goodwill Emergency Medical Services, reminding patients that assaulting a first responder is a felony.

“We now want them to be aware that, look, violence against EMS providers is not OK,” Nathan Harig of Cumberland Goodwill EMS told reporters.

Cumberland Goodwill is one of the first in the area to add such signs to their vehicles.

Read the full report HERE.

Violence against medics and first responders is nothing new. Just this week in Boston, an EMT was stabbed repeatedly inside an ambulance while responding to a call.


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