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Mobile Life Support Services Announces Launch of Remote Operations Center

NEW WINDSOR, N.Y. — Mobile Life Support Services, the largest emergency medical provider in the Hudson Valley, announced today the launch of a Remote Operations Center. This is the first of its kind to be operated by Mobile Life to provide service to the Hudson Valley region.

The Remote Operations Center (ROC) is a 2018 Mercedes Sprinter chassis that has been retrofitted with three work stations, enabling the company’s communications specialists to engage with multiple 911 centers and other emergency service agencies via radio and phone. It is a self-contained, climate controlled environment and has the capability to run on its own generator or be “shore lined” to a fixed power source, allowing it to be deployed for an indefinite length of time. The vehicle is also equipped with programming that communicates with Mobile Life’s Computer Aided Dispatch network for call-taking, call tracking and unit assignments.

The primary role for the vehicle is to serve as a secondary mobile dispatch center at large-scale, planned events and mass casualty incidents and can serve as, or be stationed at a command post, enabling incident commanders’ easy access to critical information regarding emergency medical services.  Additionally, the ROC can also serve as a primary dispatch center in the event that Mobile Life’s New Windsor headquarters were ever to become damaged or need to be evacuated due to environmental or man-made incidents.

“This is an exciting rollout for us as a company. The Remote Operations Center allows Mobile Life dispatchers and communications specialists to better coordinate with each other as well as additional emergency service agencies when we are providing service for large-scale community events, such as Fourth of July festivities throughout the region and the Hudson Valley Balloon Festival,” said Mobile Life President & CEO Scott Woebse. “Having this vehicle in place will allow us to maximize the efficiency of our specialty services and better manage the efforts of our team while maintaining our daily operations.”

Mobile Life’s ROC joins a fleet of more than 60 emergency vehicles serving communities across the Hudson Valley, including Orange, Dutchess, Rockland, Ulster and Westchester counties. The vehicle was designed by Mobile Life administrators, supervisors and communications specialists in conjunction with First Priority Group, Orange County 911, Goosetown Communications and Verizon.

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