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Safety Lighting Device Aims to Save Lives of First Responders by Increasing Visibility

MILWAUKEE — The latest technology in personal safety lighting was unveiled during the 2018 EMS World Expo in Nashville. Guardian Angel, a manufacturer of premium wearable safety lights, is focused on protecting first responders from preventable struck-by injuries and deaths. The innovative company seeks to advance its mission through the debut of its Elite Series personal safety lighting devices.
Year after year, roadside struck-by collisions remain one of the most serious threats to first responders. Since 2008, 74 U.S. law enforcement officers were struck and killed by a vehicle while outside of their cruisers.1​ During that same period, 32 U.S. firefighters and emergency medical personnel were also struck and killed in roadside incidents.2​ ​​Sadly, these numbers don’t even reflect the hundreds more first responders who are involved in roadside (struck-by) accidents who survive, but are severely injured or incapacitated.
“We seek to keep EMS, firefighters, and police officers safe,” said Guardian Angel CEO Chadwick Keller, “To combat these devastating struck-by trends, we redesigned previous devices to create the Elite Series model. It’s engineered based on the feedback we received from the 20,000 first responders who use our devices in the field everyday. We’re thrilled with the positive reviews and the noted increased feeling of safety our devices provide.”
Keller continued,“We believe many of these tragic incidents are avoidable. First responders risk their lives every day for our safety and we at Guardian Angel are laser-focused on providing products that keep our first responders safe. This is the mission that drives our company each and every day.”
Every feature of the Elite Series was designed and developed with performance, safety, comfort and utility in mind. Some of the distinguishing features are:
● Polycarbonate Exterior ​​- The device is made from a virtually indestructible material so it can withstand a beating on the job.
● Waterproof Casing – Rubber gaskets line the interior of the device allowing for complete submersion without causing any damage. The device holds an IP68 rating.
● 360° Light Aspect Ratio – This innovative design feature provides over 3 miles of visibility.
● Static and Flashing Modes – Device offers many different modes for lighting, depending on what the situation calls for.
● Universal Mounting Options​​ – Comfort and versatility is key. The Elite Series features a built in ​neodymium rare earth ​magnet and several additional mounting accessories

which allow you to mount it to virtually any surface, clothing or gear.
● One-Touch Emergency Light Activation ​​- the Elite Series was designed to save lives, even in the most extreme conditions. One touch activation of the device allows for quick response. Emergency mode provides 360° lighting as well as vertical strobes for maximum visibility.
“This device can truly be a lifesaving tool, with features like, multiple color combinations, flashing capabilities and a front work light allows it to be used in several scenarios we find ourselves in on a daily basis. Compared to the outdated options we have available to us today, this Elite Series personal safety light is a great tool to keep our guys safe and makes our job easier in many ways,” said Jim Brown, 15-year Firefighter and EMT from Caledonia, Wisconsin.

About Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel designs, manufactures and distributes premium wearable personal safety lighting devices. Currently there are over 20,000 Firefighters, EMS and law enforcement professionals using Guardian Angel Devices around the world. Guardian Angel devices are available for purchase through specialty dealers throughout the United States and abroad.
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