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Purpose-built gear for the EMS/EMT professional who demands the best.


The 5.11 Tactical Stryke pant can be considered the pant that revolutionized what a tactical pant is capable of. Highly functional pocket design, built-in stretch and a proprietary fabric that is durable and functional in the most chaotic of situations. It’s no wonder the pant has been adopted by special teams in law enforcement and used by military professionals.  5.11 is no stranger to the first responder community from functional station wear to cutting edge uniforms.  When the time came to retool the 5.11 EMS Pant they reached out to EMS/EMT personnel to see what they wanted in a new EMS pant. 5.11 prides themselves on listening to the end user who spends hours in the field and the results are evident in their specific pieces of gear designed for the professional. With the popularity of the Stryke pant, 5.11 decided to create a version that addresses the needs of EMS/EMT responders.

The EMS version of the 5.11 Stryke pant is known as the Stryke EMS pant, pretty simple name, right? The new Stryke EMS pant has wealth of features so let’s dive in and look at a few of these features. The fabric of the Stryke EMS pant is their patented Flex-Tac fabric. Flex-Tac fabric is made of a durable ripstop stretch fabric that allows freedom of movement as well as being able to take the abuse of those long shift days. The fabric also has a Teflon coating that resists dirt and spills. The Stryke EMS pant features 18 pockets that can carry all your gear that you need quick access to. There is also a pocket on the lower leg which allows access to critical gear while in a kneeling position. Speaking of kneeling, the pants are also able to accept knee pads which 5.11 sells separately. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for the extra protection on the knees. It’s great to see a company like 5.11 sharing their innovations across other categories and recognizing the demand is there to have products that live up to the standards we hold ourselves too.

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