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EMT and Pediatric Doctor Aid Woman Impaled by Beach Umbrella at Jersey Shore

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. (WPVI) –Margaret Reynolds, 67, was at Seaside Heights Monday afternoon when part of the umbrella pierced her right ankle and was driven completely through due to the “force of the wind.”

Borough Police Chief Tommy Boyd says fire crews had to use a bolt cutter on the umbrella to free the woman and put her in an ambulance.

Dr. Chris Strother – an emergency department pediatrician – was there to help. He said a spoke, not the shaft, of the umbrella injured the woman.

“Big beach umbrella blew loose with the wind, flew down, and hit a woman with the end of the spoke, went right through the bottom of her leg,” he said. “It went in here and out the other side.”

Strother says he and others immediately sprang into action.

“Another guy who was there was an EMT in Jersey who beat me to it. We were both there, he had a med kit, he had a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, and we just held on to the umbrella until EMS got there to cut it off,” Strother said.

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