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Hands On Product Reviews June 2018

Issue 6 and Volume 43.

Improved Automated CPR

For more than 15 years, LUCAS has automated CPR compressions and provided consistent rate, depth and release. The upgrades in version 3.1 of Stryker’s LUCAS chest compression system allow you to adjust setup options for compression rate/depth, pauses, alerts, timer, and ventilation features to meet local emergency care protocols. LUCAS 3.1 now includes Wi-Fi connectivity with a LIFENET system. Users can set up device readiness notifications, modify setup options and transmit device reports wirelessly. Adjustable parameters include compression rate (between 102 and 120 compressions per minute), depth (from 1.8 to 2.1 inches), piston auto-lowering and pressure pad release to allow for chest rise during ventilation.


Dimensions (assembled): 22″ x 20.5″ x 9.4″

Weight: 17.7 lbs.

Battery run time: 45 mins.

Patient size parameters: 6.7″–11.9″ (chest height), 17.7″ (chest width)


Secure Your Multi-Tool

The Leatherman multi-tool created and set the standard for a new genre of tools. The benefits of carrying one on duty include everything from using the pliers to open an oxygen cylinder, the screw driver to tighten a loose handle and the knife blade to cut rope during a rescue. There are many ways to carry a multi-tool, but a new line of Leatherman Sheaths keeps your multi-tool handy. The nylon sheath is available in three sizes to fit small, medium and large tools. The nylon sheath with pockets is available in medium and large sizes. The pockets can hold a bit kit for different driver bits, a small flashlight or a Sharpie marker. The sheaths are made of a durable, ballistic nylon with elastic and reinforced stitching for easy accessibility. A high-grade metal rivet snap ensures your tool remains secure and the sheath lasts a long time.


Sizes: Small, medium, large

Material: Ballistic nylon

Color: Black

Price: $10.00; $15.00 (with pockets)


Pocket-Sized Spot to Flood

We never know where our calls are going to take us, and sometimes we need a flashlight at unexpected times. It’s easy to remember to bring a large flashlight at night, but what do you have handy when the power goes out in the basement? The light on your cell phone may work for a few minutes, but it’s impractical, and you certainly don’t want to run down the battery more than necessary. The new Streamlight Jr. F Stop is a compact LED light with an adjustable beam that changes from spot light to flood light by simply sliding the lens up or down the light’s barrel. Powered by two size AA alkaline or lithium batteries, the Streamlight Jr. F Stop can run from six to 10 hours.


Length: 6.5″

Weight: 4.4 oz.

Power: 2 AA batteries

Max output: 250 lumens

Price: $35.00


Thermal Imaging Rescue Training

The more realistic the training scenario, the better the experience for the learner. Now that thermal imaging cameras have dropped in price and more departments are issuing them, the training to incorporate this search and rescue tool needs to be realistic. The new TI Rescue Randy and TI Rescue Baby from Simulaids features heating elements in the face and hands which are powered up by a simple 110-volt AC plug. The heating elements reach temperature in 15 minutes and remain effective for thermal imaging training for more than 45 minutes. The heaters are placed in the face and hands—often the only areas which are unclothed during most rescue operations. The manikin weighs the same as a real person, making the extrication require a realistic number of personnel.


Length: 55″ (Randy), 26″ (baby)

Weight: 149 lbs. (Randy); 20 lbs. (baby)

Power: 110v AC

Price: $2,166.50 (Randy); $1,122.00 (baby)


A Baby Designed to Save Babies

Teaching CPR to first time parents is one of the rewards of being a CPR instructor. You get a chance to answer questions and allay some fears. Due in large part to high levels of durability and dependability, Baby Anne from Laerdal has been part of CPR classes for decades, and now she’s just received some major upgrades. Improvements to the airway include revised oral and nasal passages for more realistic ventilation, and an airway that will close if hyperextended, reinforcing the need to maintain a neutral head position for proper ventilation. Baby Anne maintains the realistic chest compression compliance you’ve come to expect and she still has a foreign body that can be inserted for choking training.


Length: 20″

Weight: 3.3 lbs.

Skin colors: Light; dark

Price: $119.00; $445.00 (4 pack)


Impregnated Packing

“Just pack it off.” That’s the advice Colonel Potter gives Captain BJ Honeycut in the famous TV series M*A*S*H, now heard in operating rooms and trauma bays around the world every day. When surgeons find diffuse bleeding in the abdominal cavity, it often helps to use direct pressure via packing to let the body heal itself by clotting off the blood vessel that’s bleeding. QuikClot Control+ from Z-Medica is impregnated with kaolin, a naturally occurring, inorganic mineral that accelerates the body’s natural clotting process. It’s the same material that’s been used by QuikClot since 2012. Available in a variety of sizes, QuikClot Control+ looks and feels like a traditional gauze dressing virtually eliminating the learning curve and it has double X-ray indicators to lessen the possibility of a retained product.


Sizes: 5″ x 5″, 8″ x 8″, Z-fold (3″ x 2 yards), 12″ x 12″

Price: Call for pricing


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