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Hands On Product Reviews May 2018

Issue 5 and Volume 43.

Feature-Filled AED Trainer

With actual automated external defibrillators (AEDs) costing more than $1,000, CPR instructors are always looking for a reliable, low-cost AED trainer that realistically simulates an actual device. The new AED UltraTrainer from Prestan has all the features of a high-quality AED, without the shock of defibrillation electricity—or the sticker price. The standard “power” and “shock” buttons are accompanied by a “child” button which allows the trainer to mimic pediatric functions. Audio menus let you select scenarios and adjust settings for the CPR metronome, ventilation prompt, and automatic or semi-automatic AED. The training pads remain usable for up to 100 applications and don’t leave any residue on CPR manikins. The pads also feature a placement sensor that advances the AED prompts after the pads are placed on a manikin. There’s also a switch on the rear of the unit allowing you to switch to Spanish, French and other languages.


Dimensions: 8.75″ x 3.25″ x 6.125″

Weight: 1.9 lbs.

Power: 3 size C batteries (included)

Price: $99.00; $385 (four-pack)



Rapid Deployment Trauma Kit

When mass casualty incidents happen, there’s often an immediate need to control bleeding. How many tourniquets and hemostatic dressings are available in your first few ambulances, police patrol cars or fire apparatus? The new Mutual Aid Trauma Kit from Rescue Essentials was developed by the Colorado State Patrol, Wyoming State Patrol, and other law enforcement agencies to place standardized trauma supplies where every responder knows where to find them in an emergency. Made of bright red nylon and mounted on the passenger side headrest of patrol vehicles, the kit features a single, quick-release buckle that allows responders to easily deploy lifesaving trauma supplies from first arriving units. Contents include: CAT tourniquet, Celox or QuickClot, emergency trauma dressing, Hyfin Vent chest seals, trauma pad, EMT shears and other items.


Dimensions: 4″ x 5″ x 8″

Weight: 13.5 oz.

Color: Red

Price: $110.00



Compatible Cleaning

As clean as you may keep your ambulance, there’s no five-second rule in any healthcare setting. For years, many EMS services have used a 10% bleach solution to clean soiled equipment, surfaces, stretchers and mattresses. One issue with a bleach solution is the tendency to degrade and discolor certain fabrics. The new Sidekick Disinfecting Wipes from Stryker are compatible with more than 200 materials and won’t degrade or discolor any Stryker fabrics or equipment. The broad spectrum tuberculocidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal wipe has a two-minute wet time that allows you to return to service quickly without compromising the effectiveness of the product. The Sidekick Disinfecting Wipes are premoistened and ready to use so you will not need to mix any chemicals.


Dimensions: 6″ x 10″ (standard); 9″ x 12″ (large)

Canister weight: 1 lbs. 8 oz.

Price: Call for price



Proven Protection

Pelican has been making rugged cases to protect fragile instruments since 1976, and now, the same engineering precision that goes into their other products is available in a new line of Cell Phone Cases. The Voyager, Protector and Ambassador lines of cell phone cases are designed for varying levels of drop protection, and the Marine line is waterproof to the IP68 standard for continuous submersion. Available in a variety of colors for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and LG products, the Pelican cases give you the opportunity to ruggedize your electronics for emergency services use.


Price: Call or visit website for price



Who’s in the Car Seat?

It’s a nightmare scenario for both parents and providers: the motor vehicle crash is severe, the driver is unconscious, and the conscious child in the back has special needs with a communication disability. The person who can normally help manage the child is critically injured, and you’re forced to manage a difficult, though stable child without any knowledge of their situation. Car Seat Straps Covers from HenryDarling allow a parent to display their child’s name and disability in a conspicuous location, so that responders will immediately know key information to facilitate communication. Even just knowing the child’s name can begin to help calm them down while their parent is being treated. Each item is custom made to order, and seat belt strap covers are available for older passengers.


Colors: Red, pink, orange, neon green, light blue, royal blue

Price: $18.00; $21.50 (Velcro—red and neon green)



The Update to Make You WISER

The Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER) from the National Library of Medicine is a unique—and free—hazmat database for medical professionals. What started as an online reference for hazmat placards a decade ago now includes specific treatment guidelines for chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear, and explosive exposure and injuries. Updates in version 5.1 include: CHEMM 2.0 reference material and substance data, new acute exposure guideline levels data from the Environmental Protection Agency, data updates based on the latest Hazardous Substances Data Bank, and a protective distance “point into the wind” feature.


OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone

Price: Free


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