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VectoCare Creates New Lifesaving Hospital Evacuation Tech

San Francisco, CA: VectorCare, a healthcare logistics company, has developed a way for hospitals to quickly evacuate patients in the event of a natural disaster– and is making this new technology available to California hospitals and transport providers in preparation for another dangerous fire season.

When Kaiser’s Santa Rosa Medical Center used VectorCare’s platform to evacuate during the 2017 Tubbs fire in California, they safely evacuated all 130 patients in under two hours: over four times faster than another local hospital was able to evacuate. To quote Phyllis Stark, Kaiser’s Regional Continuum of Care Administrator,

“I can’t imagine that the team could have handled this sudden volume, and track where every patient was taken, as gracefully and calmly as they did, if they were still doing things the old way.”

During times of crisis, hospital evacuations can often take a full day to transport patients to safety. Systematically inefficient communication makes it difficult to contact local transport providers and secure transport in a timely manner. VectorCare(previously Medlert) has designed a platform where healthcare providers can easily connect with a network of local transport providers: in a crisis, it only takes a few minutes to broadcast an alert to an entire transportation network and begin transferring patients to safety. With this technology, hospital evacuations will take a fraction of the time they used to: during a disaster, this can save lives.

Some key components of the platform:
  • Hospital personnel can broadcast a single alert to every transport provider in the area, rather than individually calling each company for assistance.
  • VectorCare’s platform is accessible from any web browser. When phone communication goes down during a disaster, hospitals can still communicate with transport providers.

As California gears up for another dangerous fire season, VectorCare is donating this breakthrough evacuation technology to all California hospitals and transport providers, free of charge. All other hospitals nationwide can access VectorCare’s health logistics platform, marketplace, and evacuation tools by signing up at their website.

“The core of why we built VectorCare is to save lives: this fire season may be one of the worst and is driving our mission is to provide every California hospital access to innovative technology to help in the event of a major catastrophe” – David Emanuel, CEO

About VectorCare: Founded in 2011, Vectorcare(previously Medlert) is a fully customizable, comprehensive healthcare logistics platform which helps hospitals use an online marketplace to schedule everything from patient transport to in-home health visits: a single entry point to manage the whole patient’s journey. Our mission is to enable healthcare providers to become changemakers in their industry through better efficiency, improved patient care, and reduced healthcare costs for everyone.


Kennedy Petersen
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