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Acuity Link, Cataldo Ambulance Service partner to enhance Boston area non-emergency transport service

BOSTON – Acuity Link, a provider of software solutions used to automate and optimize non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), and Cataldo Ambulance Service, the leading medical transportation provider in the Northeast U.S., have partnered to enhance the medical transportation operations for multi-level health care systems and patients.

Cataldo will begin utilizing Acuity Link’s transportation logistics software to coordinate its non-emergency transportation operations, which h will provide improved efficiency, transparency and end-results for the health care entities serviced by the company and their patients. Additionally, health care institutions can expect better patient throughput as a result of the partnership.

Acuity Link’s HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based software is the most feature-rich platform in the industry and supports a full-spectrum of transportation system needs, including real-time vehicle booking, patient tracking, live resource management for transit vehicles, a detailed analytics dashboard and a wealth of intuitive features. The company’s system operates across a wide range of health care systems, from hospitals to managed-care organizations, and can be utilized across all levels of services.

“We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Cataldo Ambulance Service and for the opportunity to expand the utilization of Acuity Link’s technology here in our home state,” said Alex Theoharidis, CEO of Acuity Link. “The ability to streamline and optimize the transportation processes for transport providers, hospitals and patients alike, isn’t just valuable, it’s an essential step towards better patient outcomes. On the front end, our software provides health care institutions with the ability to easily automate operational aspects of the transport booking process. It also acts as a multi-functional tool for resource allocation, maintaining program integrity, billing and much more.”

By integrating Acuity Link’s software, Cataldo will be able to utilize their resources more efficiently and further elevate their level of service when moving patients between health care facilities, outpatient medical appointments and their homes. Additionally, Cataldo will have access to Acuity Link’s detailed analytics dashboard, which provides multi-data point insights into operational trends and feedback for effective administrative decision making.

“Our mission is to continually distinguish ourselves as a leader in the industry by providing high-quality service to both our clients and patients. Through our partnership with Acuity Link, we will continue to stay at the forefront of innovation in our field and we are excited to pass along the benefits of their software to those we serve,” said Ron Quaranto, chief operating officer at Cataldo Ambulance Service.

“We’ve evaluated many similar platforms and, by far, Acuity Link was the most comprehensive solution on the market. By leveraging Acuity Link’s advanced cloud-based technology, we hope to pioneer a more efficient next generation of medical transportation operational practices.”

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About Acuity Link

Founded in 2015 by a seasoned team of emergency medical service and health care professionals, Acuity Link offers a HIPAA-compliant dashboard, which automates the process of ordering all levels of NEMT. The company’s digital platform can manage logistics for multiple transportation providers by levels of care and modes of transportation, and ensures contractual obligations are met by automating service level agreements. Acuity Link’s technology utilizes customizable vehicle assignment logic, real-time integration with dispatch systems and automated medical necessity authorizations to allow health care institutions to instantly access the closest available and suitable transportation resources for patients. With Acuity Link, health care institutions can easily schedule on-demand, recurring and multi-destination transportation for patients, which results in a more efficient and reliable discharge process and improved patient throughput. Acuity Link’s dashboard is equipped with robust reporting and analytics tools driven by automatic geo-fence triggers and cloud-based, real-time data. The analytics dashboard aggregates accurate, actionable information for decision makers.

The company is headquartered in Massachusetts and serves various health care institutions in the U.S., ranging from academic medical centers, free standing clinics, skilled nursing facilities and ambulance and wheelchair accessible medical transportation providers.

Acuity Link is fully compliant with HIPAA laws and provides various levels of encryption, which meet or exceed industry requirements for protecting patient information.

About Cataldo Ambulance Service

Cataldo Ambulance Service, and Atlantic Ambulance Service (a division of Cataldo Ambulance Service), currently provides 911 responses for 18 municipalities, hospitals and numerous private contracts from 22 base locations throughout Massachusetts covering Greater Boston and the North Shore. The company has 950 employees and 201 vehicles, and completes more than 140,000 911 and NEMT transports per year. They are also a leading private provider of Emergency Medical Transportation in the Commonwealth. The Atlantic Ambulance Service Division is the primary entity that responds to communities in the northern most region of the Cataldo Ambulance Service operating area.



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