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PWW Media’s abc360 Conference Kicks Off in Las Vegas with a Wealth of New Compliance Information

On Wednesday, March 21, the attorneys and consultants of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth (PWW) kicked off Day 1 of the two-day abc360 Conference hosted by PWW Media, Inc. with nearly 400 attendees anxious to learn the latest information on how to better manage the EMS revenue cycle while ensuring legal compliance. 

The most popular sessions of the program – the reimbursement, compliance, and privacy updates – were presented by attorneys Doug Wolfberg, Steve Wirth, and Ryan Stark.

The Reimbursement Update provided the audience with latest information and up-to-the-minute developments in the world of Medicare – like the recent extension of the ambulance bonus payments and new cost survey requirements.

“There are so many changes that are happening right now in the EMS industry.  Our goal is to help arm our attendees with the latest practical strategies to deal with the many threats and opportunities that can impact EMS agencies – good and bad,” said Doug Wolfberg who kicked off the morning program.

Doug Wolfberg kicks off abc360 with the Reimbursement update.

In the Compliance Update, several recent examples of both hospitals and ambulance services being under the gun of the legal system were presented. 

“Today, in potential false claims cases both the hospitals and ambulance services involved can be subject to big fines, penalties and monetary settlements.  Hospitals are now being included as defendants in these cases, so there is a mutual interest to work together and communicate how best to get the right vehicle to the right patient at the right time, in compliance with the law,” said Steve Wirth.

Steve Wirth updating attendees on compliance changes.

During the Privacy Update, Ryan Stark emphasized the importance of conducting a HIPAA Risk Analysis in this new era of cyber-threats.  Stark gave several examples of activity that would put you on notice that would put you on notice of cyber-attacks and provided critical tips for responding to and preventing these types of incidents.

Ryan Stark leads the privacy update.

The intensive morning session was closed out with an entertaining parody of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” with EMS-themed lyrics written by Doug Wolfberg and with Doug on the keyboard and vocals, and Steve on the harmonica.  A fun way to end a morning session jam-packed with vital information!

The afternoon of Day 1 included multiple practical break-out sessions on key topics to help prepare EMS agencies for 2018 and beyond, all presented by experiences PWW attorneys and consultants:

  • Unmasking the Proper Payer – Identifying Payment Sources in a World Gone Mad
  • Who Does What?  Compliance Responsibilities of Third Party Billers
  • The abc360 Emergency and Non-Emergency Coding Clinics
  • Medicare Advantage – Tackling the Elephant in the Room
  • How to Conduct a Complete Compliance Risk Assessment

Day 2 will open on Thursday with the popular “Documentation Mega Track” providing practical approaches for improving EMS patient documentation.