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East Baton Rouge EMS Offers Med Students Prehospital EMS Experience

East Baton Rouge EMS offers a new pre-hospital EMS experience to medical students and Family Medicine Physicians. This is a unique program that exposes a group of individuals to the EMS field that would not typically have this opportunity. Dr. Dan Godbee is the Medical Director for East Baton Rouge EMS, and has played an important role in implementing this program. According to Dr. Godbee, there are no other Emergency Medicine, pre-hospital or EMS clinicals offered to them as Medical Students.

The response to this new program has been extremely positive and beneficial to the participants. Family Medicine Physician Dr. Michelle Duhe recalls her experience riding with East Baton Rouge EMS, “I thoroughly enjoyed the rotation…was able to do a lot of hands on that we do not get to do in the hospital.” In addition to EMS ambulance ride time, the department also allows students to participate In the department’s QA/CQI rotation, Community Paramedic program, and Medical Director rotation. Fourth year medical student Shannon Altazan participated in the EMS Community Paramedic program. This is a relatively new innovation that “Bridges the gap between Emergency Medical Services, the Emergency Room and Primary care.”

The Physician EMS ride time not only benefits the students, but also allows Paramedics to learn as well. EBR EMS Paramedic Brad Harris explains “We are all links in the same chain. We are able to listen to the Physician’s line of questioning, see what information is important to them, and see what pertinent details they are looking for.”

East Baton Rouge EMS has created a video to promote this new and exciting clinical program: For more information, or to be a part of the program please visit or website or contact Dr. Dan Godbee at [email protected]