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EMS Medical Directors Kick Off Annual ‘Gathering of Eagles’ Conference By Addressing Major Issues Facing EMS

The U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors Consortium is holding their 20th annual EMS State of the Sciences Conference and Retreat (also known as the “Gathering of Eagles” conference and the “Eagle Creek” retreat) under the leadership of Paul Pepe, MD. The retreat was held Wednesday, Feb. 28 and Thursday, March 1, 2018 in Dallas, Texas, at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel.

The 20th anniversay commorative Eagles challenge coin

The closed retreat of 68 medical directors from the most highly populated metropolitan EMS systems, and 23 EMS fellows from their respective systems (50% of the nation’s current EMS fellows), gathered for two agenda-packed days. During that time they discussed major issues facing EMS, including the problem of opioid overdoses, behavioral health, school shootings and terrorist attacks, and charted the future of EMS and areas to be addressed in the future.


The best and most challenging issues in EMS were discussed at the retreat

The group in attendance at this year’s Eagle Creek serve jurisdictions with a combined population of over 114 million lives in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom and France.

The Eagles conducted an amazing total of 101 group surveys during 2017 alone, amassing important data to plan, develop, change and advance EMS practices.


Stein Bronsky, MD, speaks on innovations in Mobile Integrated Healthcare and MIH data services

Although exact details and discussions are restricted to attendees, key medical and trauma areas discussed at Eagle Creek included were:

  • Head-up CPR and resuscitation practices;
  • Use of TXA (tranexamic acid);
  • Stroke care with thromboectomy;
  • Current practices in training for EMS officers, new medical directors and supervisors;
  • Terrorist attacks, including the truck attack in Berlin, Germany (which will be featured in an exclusive article in JEMS);
  • Military and tactical medicine advances and the use of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA);
  • Ambulance designs and plans for the future, including a multi-function chair being developed by FERNO that will enable emergency personnel to stay securely seated and move around their patient in the patient compartment;
  • The use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) by Paris SAMU outside the hospital;
  • The positive results systems are experiencing with active compression/decompression CPR;
  • The system successes in Rialto (Calif.), Minneapolis/St. Paul (Minn.), Seattle (Wash.) and Palm Beach County (Fla.) through revised practices and protocols and bundles of care;
  • The use of naloxone kits in the streets;
  • Concerns about outdated AEDs/software;
  • Projects underway by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP);
  • An update on the EMS Agenda 2050 currently being developed;
  • The need for EMS resiliency; and
  • The need for increased mentorship for women in EMS leadership.


Lionel Lamhaut, MD, PhD, from SAMU speaks about performing ECMO on the streets of Paris

Look for follow up reports and articles in future issues in JEMS.

A list of the outstanding participants at Eagle Creek 2018

  • Peter Antevy, EMS Medical Director, Parkland/Coral Springs Fla
  • Glenn Asaeda, Chief  Medical Director NYFD, New York City, NY
  • James Augustine, Eagles Librarian and ACEP Board, Florida
  • Krystal Baciak, EMS Medical Director, Chicago, IL
  • Paul Banerjee, EMS Medical Director, Polk County, FL
  • Gail Bennett, Eagle Herder, Dallas, TX
  • Sabina Braithwaite, EMS Fellowship Director, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
  • Stein Bronsky, EMS Medical Director, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Chuck Burnell, Chief Medical Officer-Acadian, Lafayette, Louisiana
  • Jose Cabanas, EMS Director/Medical Director, Wake County, NC
  • Pierre Carli, Chief of Medicine, SAMU, Paris EMS System
  • Libby Char, EMS Medical Director, Honolulu, HI
  • Armando Clift, Associate Medical Director, Miami, Fl
  • Chris Colwell, ED Director, San Francisco General
  • Marc Conterato, EMS Medical Directo, Minneapolis, MN
  • Eric Cortez, EMS Medical Director, Columbus, OH
  • Scott Cravens, EMS World Publisher, Fort Atkinson, WI
  • Robert Dunne, EMS Medical Director, Detroit, MI
  • Sophia Dyer, EMS Medical Director, Boston, MA
  • Marc Eckstein, EMS Medical Director, Los Angeles, CA
  • Jeff Elder, EMS Medical Director, New Orleans, LA
  • Craig Ellis, EMS Medical Director, New Zealand
  • Mark Escott, EMS Medical Director, Austin, TX
  • Jennifer Farah, EMS Medical Director, San Diego, CA
  • Ray Fowler, EMS Medical Director, Dallas, TX
  • R.J. Frascone, EMS Medical Director, Minneapolis, MN
  • Ed Gabriel , Principal Deputy Asst. Secretary, US Dept. of HHS
  • John M. Gallagher, EMS Medical Director, Wichita, KS
  • Andrew (Drew) Garret, U.S. Government Representative, Department of HHS
  • Hillary Gates, EMS World Coordinator, Maryland
  • Scott Gilmore, EMS Medical Director, St. Louis, MO
  • Jeff Goodloe, EMS Medical Director, OKC and Tulsa, OK
  • Andrew Harrell, EMS Medical Director, Albuquerque, NM
  • A.J. Heightman, JEMS Editor-in-Chief, San Diego, CA
  • Joe Holley, EMS Medical Director, Memphis, TN
  • Rick Hunt, U.S. Health & Human Services, Washington, DC
  • Marshal Isaacs, Bio Tel Medical Director, Dallas, TX
  • Jon Jui, EMS Medical Director, Portland, OR
  • Chris Kahn, EMS Medical Director, San Diego, CA
  • David Keseg, EMS Medical Director, Columbus, OH
  • Emily Kidd, Acadian (Texas) Medical Director, San Antonio, TX
  • A.J. Kirk, Medical Director, Emergency Dept, Parkland Trauma Ctr
  • John Kromer, Director, NHTSA EMS, Washington DC
  • Lionel Lamhaut, Associate Director, SAMU, Paris, France
  • Michael Levy, EMS Medical Director, Anchorage AK
  • Keith Lurie, Founder – Advanced Circulatory Systems, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • Craig Manifold, ACEP Liaison, San Antonio, TX
  • Asa Margolis, Deputy Medical Director, US Secret Service
  • Chuck Mason, EMS Medical Director, Little Rock AR
  • Andrew McCoy, Associate Medical Director, Seattle, WA
  • Kevin McVaney, EMS Medical Director, Denver, CO
  • Greg Mears, Medical Director, ZOLL Medical
  • Crawford Mechem, EMS Medical Director, Philadelphia, PA
  • David Miramontes, EMS Medical Director, San Antonio, TX
  • Fionna Moore, Immediate-Past Chief Exec. Officer, London Ambulance Service, London, England
  • Paul Pepe, Eagles Coordinator, Dallas, TX
  • David Persse, EMS Medical Director, Houston, TX
  • Stefan Poloczek , EMS Medical Director, Berlin, Germany
  • Ed Racht, AMR National Medical Director, Greenwood, CO
  • Jay Reich, EMS Medical Director, Kansas City, MO
  • Neal Richmond, EMS Medical Director, Fort Worth, TX
  • Michael Sayre, EMS Medical Director, Seattle, WA
  • Ken Scheppke, EMS Medical Director, West Palm Beach FLA
  • Corey Slovis, EMS Medical Director, Nashville, TN
  • Sandy Schneider, ACEP Assoc. Executive Director, Dallas, TXACEP
  • Chris Souders, Assoc. EMS Medical Director, Houston, TX
  • Arthur H. Yancy II, EMS Medical Director, Atlanta, GA
  • Clement Yeh, EMS Medical Director, San Francisco, CA
  • Scott Youngquist, EMS Medical Director, Salt Lake City, UT