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Choosing the Best Air Ambulance Medical Transportation Company: 10 tips that may help

Choosing the best out of many can be a tedious task but is very important. Many factors go into deciding the best. Comparison on different standards can be daunting. Fortunately, AMB life makes it easier for you by providing you with a global portal containing both local and global ambulance providers along with their ancillaries. However, the task of picking the rightful one ultimately rests with you. There are few things that must be looked for while taking the above decision.
  • Look for license and/or accreditation: An outdated aircraft is never desirable whatever be the costs and services offered. Furthermore, it’s very important that the ones who are licensed must be licensed from credible agencies. In India Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the authorizing body when it comes to air ambulance. Different countries have their own agencies.
  • Type of aircraft: Different medical conditions necessitate requirements of different aircrafts. While in some cases a helicopter will suffice, in other cases one might need an airplane as well.
  • Crew training and medical equipment: A good air ambulance provider is well-manned by staffs and technicians who are well-versed with different emergency procedures, in-flight care, etc. Also it’s important that they are certified by relevant health regulatory. DGCA lays down the guidelines regarding air ambulance crew training in India in conjunction with other medical agencies and institutes
  • Look for RVSM abilities: The patient’s safety and comfort is paramount when it comes to picking an air ambulance. The RVSM certification ensures these for long range transportations. For RVSM approvals, DGCA is the authorizing body.
  • Services offered: Usually, the ones providing both emergency and non-emergency services are deemed to be better. On AMB life it’s relatively easier to look for these services due to their cataloging at one place.
  • Bedside-to-bedside facility: The best companies usually provide patients with bedside-to-bedside facilities. This not only helps them with their comfort but is also an important factor in controlling cost by eliminating some hidden costs involved in ground transportation.
  • Spot the difference between a broker and an ambulance operator: While broker is one who is engaged in business of arranging air ambulance for you, operator is one who actually administers one and so is more accustomed to patient needs and technicalities. It’s advisable that you contact an operator rather than a broker
  • Insurance cover: The most reputed companies are generally covered by insurance covers. The insurance covers are of great help especially in cases where cost of treatment is already high. So always look for the companies which are under cover.
  • Read the fine print: The devil is in detail, it’s said. And rightly so. It’s always a good practice to read every small detail so as to avoid being trapped in some latent costs. Usually it’s suggested that while quoting prices always cost all-included costs.
  • Compare: It’s no-brainer to avoid comparing different companies on basis of services being offered and costs they might incur. While it’s little difficult doing this online as you may need to browse through many websites, you can do the same by visiting AMB life. There you can find services based on your location and this might ease your search
  • With the stakes so high, it’s important that you choose smart. Our endeavor remains to get you to this end.


AMB life is a B2B online platform that allows private ambulance service carriers around the globe to register their ambulance and other ancillary services on its platform. People can choose services based on country, state, city or even their own location. Both air ambulances as well ground ambulance can be booked based on their rating and review.
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