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Yellow Ambulance Uses Binder Lift on 500lb Patient Wedged in Tub

Daviess County, KY: The Situation: When Dinah Chapman of Yellow Ambulance responded to a call of a man stuck in a tub, she didn’t realize just how stuck he was. When she and the rest of her crew arrived in the patient’s bathroom, they found a 500-pound man wedged in the bottom of his Jacuzzi-style tub. “Not only was he naked, he was also wet,” Chapman recalled. “We had plenty of hands on deck, but in that small bathroom, there wasn’t enough room to get eight people around him.” As the smallest responder on scene, Chapman was the one to balance on the side of the tub and maneuver around the patient. From her access point, and with the help of the responders on the other side of the tub, she was able to secure a Binder Lift around the patient.” We put the Binder Lift on him and pulled him out of the tub,” she said. “Once we got him onto the floor, we were able to get him up to his feet. It would have been problematic if we didn’t have the Binder Lift”.

The Binder Lift Difference: Dinah Chapman has been a first-responder for nearly 14 years. Before the Binder Lift, lift-assisting patients was a matter of well-placed sheets and good luck. “If somebody fell, you just put a sheet under them and pulled to the best of your ability.” Chapman said. “You grabbed whatever area you could get ahold of in whatever position you could get a grip and you just lifted.” With many easy-to-grab handles around the circumference, the Binder Lift replaces those old lifting techniques that are dangerous for both the responder and the patient with ergonomic lifting that is safe for the responder and comfortable for the patient. “The Binder Lift is a shoulder and back saver,” Chapman said. “It’s a godsend for EMS.”

About Company: The first Binder Lift was first created in 2012 by Dan Binder to prevent his wife’s back from getting injured while performing her duties as an EMT-I. Today, we still have the same core focus of providing a safer way to lift for all fire and EMS personnel. To learn more visit, or give us a call, we’d love to chat. 855-239-5438