Product Videos

Using Data Elements to Improve Care

Data is boundless and can be used in many ways, including support and improvement of patient care. In this video, Medical Director Dr. Michael Wilcox explains the importance of how data is used to assess patient care and determine medical direction. He stresses the value of using data elements and partnering with other healthcare organizations for quality review and education.

A vital component in education, outcome data can be used to improve patient care and field operations. Many agencies use the data to implement policy change and validate the change with crews.  However, other agencies use data to be proactive. For example, the data can help you identify if a paramedic hasn’t performed an intubation or inserted an IV in a significant period of time. A mobile simulation lab could then be sent to where the medic is stationed to allow for practice and repetitions in order to ward off potentially hazardous situations.

Regardless of how you use your data, it tells a story and it’s time to understand that story and what it means to your agency. If you want to know more about how your data can make an impact, consider booking a consultation with Morgan Anderson, Epidemiologist at ImageTrend, to discuss specific ways your agency could improve.