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Hands On Product Reviews November 2017

Issue 11 and Volume 42.

Professional Polo

What defines the EMS uniform? In England, Australia, the Netherlands and many other countries, there’s a national EMS uniform and everyone knows who the medics are. In the U.S., uniform styles are as diverse as the population. Some agencies wear navy blue with metal badges, others wear flight suits and still others wear polo shirts and khaki pants. The overarching mandate is for uniforms to be professional, durable and functional. The new Performance Pro Polo from Blauer thoroughly addresses these mandates. The no-fade fabric resists pilling and wrinkles, while the no-curl collar maintains a professional appearance. The lightweight, moisture-wicking, anti-odor fabric is extremely durable. A center mic tab and a pen pocket on the sleeve create a high-level of functionality.


Colors: Dark navy, black, gray, royal blue, silver tan

Sizes: XS-6XL (men’s); XS-XL (women’s)

Price: $39.99



Bariatric Immobilization

Our ability to adequately immobilize a potentially unstable C-spine on a larger patient is often improvised and sometimes impossible on obese patients. Popular improvisations include towel rolls fashioned into a horse collar and manual stabilization throughout the call. The new Badger Medical Collar is a polyethylene foam tube with kerf cuts allowing you to adjust the fit. Placement of the collar is straightforward: You center the flat-sided cut out on the posterior C-spine and bring the round portion under the chin. After approximating the ends of the collar, you simply twist the excess material off at the closest kerf cut to attain the proper size, and you then secure the ends with the provided nylon fitting.


Neck sizes: 18″-26″

Price: Email for price

[email protected]


Reliable Rechargeable

In EMS, you always need to carry some sort of light source. You never know where your next call will take you. Yes, even if you’re “just working transport,” when the elevator breaks down with your patient on the stretcher, having a light will help with their anxiety. The new Recon Rechargeable Flashlight from LA Police Gear is a compact, high-intensity, durable light that can be kept on your person. The 18650 micro-USB rechargeable battery provides up to 40 hours of run time. The single button switch allows you to cycle through high (1,000 lumens), medium (500 lumens), low (20 lumens) and high-intensity strobe modes. If needed, the Recon Rechargeable Flashlight can be powered by two CR123 batteries.


Dimensions: 5.75″ x 1″

Output/runtime: 1,000 lumens/2 hr..; 500 lumens/4 hr.; 20 lumens/40 hr.

Power: 18650 li-ion battery

Price: $49.99



Upgrade Your CPR Feedback

A directive from the American Heart Association will require feedback on CPR quality in all courses that teach adult CPR. Laerdal has developed a Little Anne QCPR Upgrade Kit for the popular manikin used in CPR classes worldwide. The upgrade process is easy, simply remove the chest skin, clean the inside surface and attach the adhesive disc using the included template. A new chest piece contains the electronics module for Bluetooth connectivity and a new jaw assures the airway opens as needed. The QCPR Instructor app can be used to monitor ventilations, compression rate, depth and release of the performance of up to six students.


Power: 2 AA batteries

Price: $50 through 12/31/17, then $69.99

877-LAERDAL (523-7325)


Lightweight Nitrous Oxide

For years, the only pain managed by EMS was cardiac chest pain. Today we’re administering fentanyl like it was D50. With the opioid crisis making national headlines, more people are starting to look at alternative solutions to opioid-based pain management. One that’s been around for decades is making a comeback in EMS. Nitrous oxide is a safe, 50/50 mix of nitrous oxide/oxygen that patients self-administer through a handheld demand valve. Pain relief starts within a few minutes of inhalation and is quickly reversed by simply breathing room air. The Nitronox Field Unit from Porter Instrument features a custom aluminum nitrous oxide cylinder which mates precisely with the blender/demand valve unit.


Dimensions: 14″ x 10″ x 7″

Price: Call for pricing



Stylish Equipment Security

We’re finally starting to take safety in the patient compartment seriously. The days of placing a monitor on a shelf and hoping or praying we won’t crash and the equipment won’t become a flying projectile are numbered. The Xtension Pro System from Technimount lets you attach a platform to your Ferno or Stryker stretcher that can be used to mount a variety of medical equipment from monitor/defibrillators to ECMO hardware. Made from heavy-duty aluminum with locking components easily identified by the red aluminum, the Xtension Pro System is designed to hold equipment under extreme G-forces.


Dimensions: 16 1/2″ x 11 3/8″ x 8 3/4″

Weight: 9.14 lbs. (without device)

Price: Call for pricing