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EMS Agenda 2050 Solicits Feedback on Straw Man Document

The EMS Agenda 2050 team has received great input from the EMS community over the last several months. With the release today of a Straw Man document, the project is taking a big step toward turning those ideas into a cohesive vision that will guide the nation’s EMS systems over the next three decades. 

Download the EMS Agenda 2050 Straw Man and provide feedback here.

The Straw Man document may differ from what many members of the EMS community are used to seeing as part of national projects. The Straw Man is not a draft of EMS Agenda 2050; in fact, the final EMS Agenda 2050 will likely look much different. Rather, this document is a way of presenting some of the ideas currently being considered by the EMS Agenda 2050 Technical Expert Panel – ideas that came from hundreds of people through a formal request for information, informal conversations, conference town hall meetings and

In the Straw Man, the panel has proposed a vision for EMS in the United States that is people-centered, with six guiding principles to help achieve that goal. The document also includes many of the specific recommendations made by community members – their inclusion in the Straw Man does not signify a decision to endorse them in the final EMS Agenda 2050. Instead, the TEP is asking you to consider the proposals and give your feedback. How would you expand on them? What’s missing that needs to be part of the vision? Will the guiding principles steer the profession in the right direction?

Whether you’re able to attend one of the upcoming regional meetings, participate in a town hall session at a conference, join an upcoming webinar or submit your thoughts through, contributions to this effort from a diverse group of stakeholders are critical to ensuring its success. The Technical Expert Panel welcomes comments throughout the process, as they will be working to create EMS Agenda 2050.

Read the Straw Man and share your dreams for the future of EMS.